Working Group 4: Human dimension in plant conservation



Despite the fundamental role of vascular plants as essential parts of ecosystems, their cultural importance, and their provision of fundamental ecosystem services, plants are often overlooked and ignored, both by the public and in the conservation debate. While public and donor support for conservation is generally focused on charismatic animals, relatively few efforts are directed towards conserving threatened plants. As a result, funding for their conservation is insufficient. Examples do however exist of innovative and successful projects where people have been engaged in plant conservation, including citizen-science projects. In order to identify best practices in raising awareness of plant conservation amongst the public (and donor community), this work package will review recent initiatives and disseminate this knowledge in workshops for practitioners. The work package will also compile scientific evidence on the economic value of plants and their role in supporting local livelihoods in Europe, analyse the putative funding bodies for plant conservation, and communicate the beauty, importance and ecology of rare and endangered plants to a general public.

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