TRAINERS: Elena González-Benito (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain), Monika Höfer (Julius Kühn-Institut - Institute of Breeding Research on Fruit Crops, Germany), Terezia Salaj (Institute of Plant Genetics and Biotechnology, Slovakia), Carolina Sánchez-Romero (Universidad de Malaga, Spain)

DATE: 27 - 30 March 2023

VENUE: University of Malaga. Campus de Teatinos s/n. 29041 Malaga, Spain

ORGANIZER: Carolina Sánchez-Romero, University of Malaga, Malaga (Spain). E-mail:


Cryopreservation is the storage of biological material at ultralow temperature (usually that of liquid nitrogen). At this temperature, cellular metabolic processes are stopped and, therefore, cryopreservation allows the safe long-term conservation of plant genetic resources. Cryopreservation is a biotechnological tool, which can constitute a useful complement to germplasm banks, making possible the establishment of safe back-up collections. Furthermore, in non-orthodox seed and vegetatively propagated species, cryopreservation represents the only long-term conservation option.


This training school introduced fundamental concepts of cryopreservation and provided practical demonstrations of cryopreservation of different organs and tissues. It was open to PhD students, postdoctoral fellows and early career scientists interested in cryopreservation and its application to germplasm ex situ conservation. This training school was organized within the framework of the ConservePlants COST Action (CA 18201), with the support of the University of Malaga.


Training School Program